Solar Charged Lawn Mower – Part 9 – One Step Height Adjustment

In Part 7 we wrote about the self-propelled feature and in Part 8 we wrote about the ergonomic handle of our new solar charged electric lawn mower from Linamar Consumer Products.

There is also others brands from the one I’m reviewing here, with different sizes, colors and specs, so if you must look somewhere else, be sure you check Top9Rated top spec, so you found the best mower.

Today we would like to write about the very simple one step height adjustment.

In any previous mowers we have had there was always an issue with adjusting the height of the blade inside the mower. Either each wheel had it’s own adjustment mechanism or at best there was one adjustment for the wheels on the left side of the mower and a second adjustment for the wheels on the right. To let you know what I am saying, just click where you can see different kind of high-end lawn mowers.

And, of course I would place the eight of one wheel slightly higher or lower than the rest.  It is one of my ‘talents’ to mess up the first time on anything.  :-)

Our new solar charged lawn mower is different. It’s as if they actually consulted with me on issues that had frustrated me in my prior lawn mowers (which they didn’t). With our new mower there is a single mechanism to adjust the height of all four wheels at once. This in and of itself it a great feature.

Additionally, the mechanism does not require much effort to use.

 Above we see a picture of what looks like a black over-sized handle sticking out from one of the two rear wheels of the mower. If you look closely you will also see what looks like a series of dots to the right of this handle. These are actually manufactured holes in the mower casing. The inside shaft of the black handle has a small notch which fits into one of these holes to secure the height of the mower.

solaris height adjustment handle and notches 1 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 9   One Step Height Adjustment


In order to adjust the height of the mower (with the engine off and to be safe with the batteries out of the battery holding tray of course), it really was as simple as one, two, three:

  1. hold the lower part of the main handle with my left hand
  2. grab the handle with my right hand and slightly pull the handle towards me
  3. move the handle to the right to lower the height of the mower or to the left to raise the height of the mower and release

It was very quick and easy. A very nice feature.

Below is a picture of the mower raised to the maximum height. Notice that the black height adjustment handle appears to be centered over the rear wheel and the height adjustment notches in the mower casing are visible to the immediate right of the height adjustment handle.

And, for comparison, is a picture of the mower lowered to the lowered height level. Notice that the height adjustment handle is all the way over to the right and the height adjustment notches are not longer visible.

utopia solar charged mower fully raised 1 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 9   One Step Height Adjustment


 All in all, a very nice touch. Nice to see that Linamar did not focus solely on the solar charging feature or the brushless motor.

epic solar charged mower fully lowered 1 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 9   One Step Height Adjustment


To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 10.

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  1. Dagny says:

    That’s a sweet looking machine. I haven’t read through all your posts but I’m now interested in doing a little more research on this product.


  2. Pat says:

    Hi Dan,

    Based on reading your articles and the responses, which I greatly appreciate, I went to look at the Solaris today at Home Depot. The height adjustmnet on the 21″ SP model was on each wheel not one lever like yours. Just an FYI.

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks, Pat, for the update on the 2009 model.

    I didn’t see that mentioned in the differences betweeen the one I purchased last year and this year’s model.


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