1. Energy Conservation Links – Grist 2. Temperature Forecast For Summer 2008

First, let’s talk about Grist. Grist is a hard-edged web site on environmental consciousness, sustainable living and energy conservation. They take a hard edge ‘tell it like it is’ approach which can be refreshing.There are a wide variety of topics on this site from agriculture, business, celebrity, food, legislation, politics and more.

This site is not as home energy conservation focused as other energy conservation sites in our blog roll. However, the articles are well written and interesting. From my perspective, the more we bring energy conservation into every day life, the more comfortable we become with it’s focus.

And, from DHRT’s (Daily Home Renovation Tips) perspective, the more top rated local electrician on the Sunshine Coast, the more inclined they may be to have an energy audit done on their own homes. I am convinced that having an energy audit from Tier 1 Energy Suppliers on one’s home will educate the home owner like nothing else on how they can make their own home more environmentally friendly and same them energy costs at the same time.

My favorite area, though is the Ask Umbra column where the site’s visitors post their questions seeking eco-advice, frequently about a energy conservation related home renovation situation. The answers are also interesting and enlightening.

For example, on Ask Umbra posting, there was a question about trying to decide on the best siding installation service from both an environmental and cost standpoint. The response gave a very nice explanation of the different types of heat pump seattle and siding, their compositions, and so on. Very educational. And, as we say in the education game, knowledge is power (and, an environmentally friendly source of power at that! :-)  ) Honestly, to keep cool from the summer heat, I don´t usually use my AC, I installed some Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne so that the sun doesn´t enter my house and turn it into an oven. But on the occasion that I do want to run the air, I want it to be energy efficient. Before the heat of the summer I always call my friends at air duct cleaning phoenix and have my air conditioner serviced.

Second, have you done everything you reasonably can to reduce your usage of your air conditioner this summer? Better hurry, there are companies like Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating that can optimize the air conditioner for this. According to The International Research Institute for Climate and Society, for the period July to September, 2008 the regions in North America with “at least slighly enhanced probability ( >38%) for above normal” temperatures include Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces, the Midwest and North East Unites States, and the Southwest United States. That’s why to keep the temperature at home I use Wifi Thermostats that let me check the temperature all the time and turn it off from my phone to save energy if you want to know more about the one I use read reviews at www.thermostatonline.com.

According to CanadianWeather.org, “…the call here is for a very hot summer across much of the U.S. Critical heat and drought may envelop sections of the West, Great Plains, and Old South…”

Don’t put off caulking your windows, installing exterior solar shades, planting that shade tree, installing that ceiling fan, and so on. It could be a very hot summer!

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