Electric Grass Trimmer

A few weeks ago I was in our neighbourhood Goodes Home Hardware, which I wrote an article about previously, looking for some supplies.

I happened to notice a collection of McCulloch electric grass trimmers for the unbelievable (to me) price of $19.99.

I did need one. Our current model was meant for a very small postage stamp sized property like we used to have and would not do for our current home that has much more land. I also wanted and electric one because it is better for the environment. I learned that it is very important to go green for our mother earth.

I asked the sales associate if it was last year’s model that they were trying to sell quickly. The answer was no. I then asked what was wrong with it? I can’t remember the last time I saw a gas or electric grass trimmer for under $20. Again, the answer was ‘nothing.

I was told that the local Home Hardware stores got together and placed a single, sufficiently large order to receive a significant discount from the manufacturer; bulk buying at its finest. icon smile Electric Grass Trimmer

So, I figures for $19.99 what did I have to loose.

Now, there is some assembly required, but it is not much. You just need to insert the Debris Shield and the Edging Guide for the best chain saw (the U-shaped black metal piece in the picture below) or the different models of chain cutting you can check out here. The instructions for assembly are actually quite easy to follow.

mcculloch electric grass trimmer Electric Grass Trimmer

I like how the main shaft is ‘expandable’ as well as the handle, both of which allow an individual user to ‘configure’ the trimmer to length and position of most comfort. Here is a picture of the fully assembled unit up against the box it came in with the shaft fully extended. Be Careful not to have accidentes por electrocucion when you are working.

 mcculloch electric grass trimmer fully extended Electric Grass Trimmer

I have used this device now and it works fine. It is sufficiently powerful to meet the needs of our property in trimming the grass. It is more light weight that the previous grass trimmer, but that could be because the prior one we had was cordless with a very heavy battery while this version is corded. It’s also good to know someone who is into palm tree pruning. A well-trimmed tree is one of the best eye-catcher for your garden.

I can’t really demonstrate in pictures how this or any grass trimmer works. However, here is a picture of a corner of our lawn that had very thick grass. The device worked fine on this with no issues.

My neighbor is not good at gardening so she’s using a faux plant for her garden that he found when she visit website from deedman. Although I recommended her that she could get some gardening services from Greenside Landscaping with are the best lawn care in UtahH

 long grass Electric Grass Trimmer

Additionally, this unit also has the feature that you can reposition the trimmer head 90 degrees for a different cut angle. There is a ‘shaft locking button’ on the unit which works pretty nicely. I haven’t had need to actually use it but I did try out this feature to see how easily it could be used and it was pretty easy to use. 

So, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive device with the most bells and whistles that will do the job. Be on the lookout for those ‘deals’. Do question why they are such a good deal and if you can’t find anything wrong, take it … as long as there is a money back guarantee or the retailer has a no worries type of return and refund policy.

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  1. StihlDad says:

    it is definitely worth making the switch from gas to electric trimmers/edgers…less risk of gas spill resulting in better environment.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi StihlDad,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

    I totally agree.

    What I am waiting for is a mass produced electric battery trimmer / edger that is charged by a solar panel.

    I haven’t found one yet, hence the electric corded trimmer / edger in this article.

    As we were able to find the solar charged lawn mower we wrote about earlier this year ( http://dailyhomerenotips.com/2008/04/16/solar-power-lawn-mower-part-1-no-more-excuses/ ), perhaps next year we will find a solar charged electric trimmer / edger.


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