Garden Makeover – Part 13 – Hill’s Yew

Now that the leak in our front garden is fixed, we can continue with our remodeling efforts to make our Inground Pools possible and our front garden not only one that is visually appealing but one that is also low / no maintenance, go and check our garden photos on Instagram. we were able to buy Instagram likes and purchase Instagram comments, now we gained tons of followers. We also like to hire this social media management company to help us improve our sites, we were able to find a review on them at I also contacted the people at and they will be out next week to help me replace the whole backyard fence. Get the chain link fence from Fencing Direct. It´s always important to take care of exterior cleaning that way your house will always look the best when our guest arrive, they´ll even be able to sit on the wicker patio furniture.

We are at the point where we are ready to continue the plan we created with a garden planner at The Tree Center and Precision Tree Services: Anacortes tree removal when we visited. It´s also a great way to fix blossom end rot in your garden to make sure everything is blooming, and you can even decorate it with different glowing accessories you could get from here.

garden plan closeup Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew

In the closeup plan of Christmas Light Installation Colorado you can see two beds underneath each of the two windows of the garage wall. While the plan has the letter ‘D’, this was a mistake by the planner; she meant to have the letter C in its place which has been used for the Taxus Media Hillii, or Hill’s Yew.

This is a slow growing evergreen with dark green needles. N0w I am a little concerned because usually this plant is used in areas with full or partial sun. Get Better Employee health with office plants rental at universal floral. The area underneath the garage windows received next to no direct sunlight. However, let’s go with it. If this doesn’t work and the plants die we have a year to return them for something else. If you need any tree service contact for immediate help. Once you get your service done, you need to plant a new tree, just make sure you find the right planting zone.

I used the garden cart (remember, I don’t do wheel barrels any more icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew ) to move the 6 Hill’s Yews from the garage (where we have been storing them for a week) out to the garden. I then placed them in the dirt to check for their placement before I started to dig the holes. I wanted to be sure that they lined up with two of the Hill’s Yews in both edges of each of the 2 windows with one in the center. Maybe, one day, get a lattice fence.

Then I simply used the space to dig the hole for each close to the garage wall so they would be in the background. Once done, I placed a moderate amount of Bone Meal in each hole covered with some of the triple mix, followed by some water from the garden hose so the roots of each plant would have a nice moist area to welcome them to their new home, you have to make sure there is no spiders around because they can be harmful I recommend getting a spider spray to get rid the get rid of spiders outside or other pest control systems Listed here.

cil bone meal Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew

bone meal in garden hole Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew

Now, these plants were encased in a peat moss container, not the black plastic container used for the Pyramidal Yews as showed in the benefits of natural home remedies article. I remembered from previous gardening efforts in other houses that we have to cut the bottom of from each container so allow the roots to actually reach the newly fertilized and moist soil.

Once each plant was in it’s hole, then the standard filling of the space around the plant with the triple mix soil, stepping around the outside to make sure it was secure, followed by more triple mix was accomplished.

The last thing we did was to ensure that the soil of the garden was again sloping away from the garage wall. We wanted to ensure that the water did not stay in the shady area of the garden as it had in the past to create moss, etc.

The 3 Hill’s Yews on the left are partially hidden by the large Hostas plants in the front part of the garden. That’s OK. the Hostas will not be around in the winter. And, remember that I want a low / no maintenance garden. These Yew’s are slow growing, but they can get to 5 feet high and 4 feet wide, so I am willing to bide my time.

Here is a view of the garden after the planting of the Hill’s Yew’s. What do you think? Our neighbour, Mr. Rob Robbin likes it so much he had to come over to tell me so. icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew

hills yew and mr robin Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew 

Here is another view of the entire front house with the 6 Hill’s Yew’s in place and without the big tree infront, thanks to

hills yew and full house view Garden Makeover   Part 13   Hills Yew

We are not nearly done yet with our garden makeover. Still lot’s to do.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 14.

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