Garden Makeover – Part 12 – The Power Of Manure

The power of manure. What a title, eh? icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 12   The Power Of Manure

But, you know what, it’s true. Sometimes the most basic of lawn care approaches is so easily forgotten.

Earlier we started a series of articles on our garden makeover, on of the projects listed on our Projects Listing page.

And, as is usual for me, I ordered too much triple mix soil for the garden, most important because I wanted organic living soil for my garden also.  But, then again, the girl at the order desk said I would need 4 cubic yards so I ordered 5, knowing that additional cubic yard would only cost me an additional $25.

So, once the gardens (main and two side gardens) in the front of the house were filled with the top soil I proceeded to spread most of the remainder on our front lawn with the help of my sprinkler system. There was not enough to cover the entire lawn to I picked my three areas which were the worst performing areas of the lawn:

  • the area by the driveway (where the 5 cubic yards were dumped),
  • the area around the large tree in the front yard by the street, and
  • the area directly in front of the main garden

Now, what is triple mix? One part soil, one part peat moss and one part manure; in our case horse manure…or so the dump truck driver told me.

The other day I was out in the front of the house and I noticed something that took me be surprise. The three areas I mentioned above had much richer and thicker grass that the other areas of the front lawn; and these were the areas that were the worst performing before spreading the triple mix. I was so thankful for how beautiful the grass looked, meanwhile I was watching how my neighbors were making a big change by demolishing the gasibos they had upfront, I asked them what company they were using and they told me that they found help at and which is pretty good for me to know since I want to demolish my back yard gasibos as well.
Don’t believe me?  Well, take a look at the following pictures that were taken a mere 2 weeks after the triple mix was dispersed on the lawn. See if you can tell which area seems to have the exposed dirt as we as the grass that is the deepest shade of green. We got grass from and they helped us with the work.

grass 001 Garden Makeover   Part 12   The Power Of Manure

See what I mean? In the above picture, you hopefully can see that the area in the middle of the picture has more yellow-ish grass. That is the area in this picture that did not receive any of the triple mix, but luckily there are not trees anymore damaging the grass since I  pay to retire all the ones I didn’t need it to and they did a really great job.

horse manure impact on grass Garden Makeover   Part 12   The Power Of Manure

In the next picture the yellow tinted grass is predominantly on the left side (and a bit on the upper right where I had been working remodeling the garden). This was another area that did not receive any of the triple mix. As a bonus, we got our refrigerator fixed thanks to

So, the next time you are remodeling your garden and ordering triple mix by the truck load, don’t forget to order some additional cubic yards to spread over your lawn. Your lawn will thank you.

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