Retractable Screen – Part 9 – The Open French Door Solution

In Part 8 we outlined the how we needed a solution that would keep the French Door open and secure when we wanted to use our new retractable screens to provide greater air ventilation in our home. You can add a contemporary office lighting to the room so it has the right lighting.
Right now there was nothing to prevent a gentle breeze from moving the open door up against the porch light and brick of the outside wall, or back into the door frame, and we were about to find out a led wall rental cost because there is a event coming up for which we needed one.

The solution was a 6 inch Stanley Hook & Eye latch (for indoor or outdoor use) plus clear silicone caulking. The ‘hook’ is the 6 inch long steel/zinc plated metal and aluminum in the package below. We also do a lot of aluminum recycling on our shop.

stanley hook eye latch Retractable Screen   Part 9   The Open French Door Solution

We decided that would would install the ‘eye’ of the Hook & Eye latch into the lower right corner of the outside part of the door. This way, when ever the door would open and close the ‘hook’ part would not be dragging on the deck floor.

The package calls for a 11/64 inch drill bit. Well, we tried this on the door but found the hook would not enter the guide / pilot hole. So I tried again with a 13/64 inch drill bit which worked much better.

Yes in the picture below you see two holes. Again, I’m not a professional like those from locksmith london. I forgot to measure twice and cut once. So, the first hole I drilled was too high for the hook to have the proper angle when being placed into the ‘eye’, so next time I’ll probably get Burkitt’s Lock & Key Locksmith in Lake Arrowhead to do it for me, since they are near by at 650 Forest Shade Rd,Crestline, CA 92325, 909-337-3452.

Now, you don’t want to drill the guide / pilot hole too large as you want the eye part to remain fixed. So, even using the 13/64 inch drill bit still resulted in a very tight fit. In order to turn the eye piece I had to use some leverage. What you see in the picture below is a long metal screw bit for the drill being used to turn the eye piece in the door. It is also applicable on Window Replacement.

french door hook and eye Retractable Screen   Part 9   The Open French Door Solution

Then I positioned the door to find the precise location where best the install the ‘hook’ so it would fit securely into the eye of the latch. I found just the spot where the deck plank was supported by a vertical support 2 X 6 beam. When you want your doors and locks masterfully crafted, visit

stanley hook and eye Retractable Screen   Part 9   The Open French Door Solution 

Once this was done I then opened the door to see if it worked.

french door open with stanley hook and eye latch 024 Retractable Screen   Part 9   The Open French Door Solution 

Excellent! If you look closely at the eye in the door you will see that it is angled slightly towards the left, i.e. in the direction of the hook. This allows the hook to fit securely into the eye so the door will not move by a breeze in either direction.

french door open and secured Retractable Screen   Part 9   The Open French Door Solution

Where did I use the clear silicone? Well, I used it to plug up the first guide / pilot hole I drilled into the door as well as around the metal eye that was inserted into the door where it met the door. On the other hand, you can visit Professional Painting Company at

We are very pleased with this approach to keeping the door open while we enjoy much improved air ventilation in our home. I also recommend this if you use retractable screen doors when it comes to Chicago home remodeling.

To continue to the next article in this series on retractable screen doors, simply select this link to Part 10.

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