Garden Makeover – Part 11 – The Water Leak Fix

In Part 10 we woke up one morning to find that our partially remodeled front garden had a sink hole, of sorts. What we thought had happened was that our underground sprinkler system had sprung a leak. But, the hole in the ground was a good 2 feet from where we were told the water lines were placed, I had to contact Water Damage Restoration Phoenix to fix it.

underground sprinkler hole in garden1 Garden Makeover   Part 11   The Water Leak Fix

Well, we called the sprinkler service company who sent a different gentleman over.

Here is what he found.

underground sprinkler pipe leak Garden Makeover   Part 11   The Water Leak Fix 

Yes, it was a leak in one of the underground water lines. It is hard to see from the camera angle (sorry about that icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 11   The Water Leak Fix ) but there was definitely a cut in the pipe.

However, look at the angle of the underground pipes in the picture below.

 broken sprinkler pipe Garden Makeover   Part 11   The Water Leak Fix

What bothers me is that we were told the incorrect information by the first person from the sprinkler company. We were told that the water lines went around the inside of the outer edge of the garden. However, in the above picture that was not the case. This gentleman confirmed that the underwater pipes for the sprinkler system used a spoke formation where the center of the spoke was in the middle of the lawn and it serviced all of the sprinkler heads in the front yard, both lawn and garden.

Now, I am not saying that my digging up the bushes, etc. that were in the garden caused the leak. It may have. What upsets me is that we used wrong information from someone who should have known that could have at least potentially caused the leak….at of course my expense, and I had to call a 24 Hour Plumber to fix it.

Oh, well. At least now we know for the future. And, at least the sprinkler technician did not have to disrupt the Day Lily’s we had just planted in our remodeled garden. I really think that we should improve our plumbing in general to avoid these kind of problems. Thanks to the flood pros from Florida.

My next plan is to install a swimming pool and a sauna from, I have been searching for pool installation companies and found UV Pools, they have good reviews. But if I´m going to install a pool, then I have to get Frameless Fences Glass Panels so our daughter won´t accidentally fall into the pool.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 12.

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