Garden Makeover – Part 9 – Front Garden Gets Its Turn

Now that the two small gardens on either side of the front door have been made over, we can turn our attention to the main front garden.

First, thank you to Floor Sanders Perth that suggested we put more hostas plants in the main front garden as well. Sounded good to us. More of the low / no maintenance type of garden plant. This was the first thing we did, since they were still small plants he also recommend the best led grow lights in the market so they will grow faster and stronger.

 front garden with transplanted hostas Garden Makeover   Part 9   Front Garden Gets Its Turn

I had some specific desires here. For one of these, there was a mini-3 foot high wall that extended out beyond the garage wall which had a coach light on top. I wanted to have this demolished during last year’s renovation but was convinced otherwise. So, I wanted to hide it with some shrubs / bushes, for this reason I decided to contact garage door service and repairs to fix it.

pyramidal yews Garden Makeover   Part 9   Front Garden Gets Its Turn

Our garden planner kept with the Pyramidal Yews theme, three  on the right side of the main garden to help hide that mini-3 foot high wall and three more on the left site to balance things out; for good measure there was one more of these shrubs right in the center of the garden against the garage wall.

remodeled front garden Garden Makeover   Part 9   Front Garden Gets Its Turn

Along the side of the garden running against the driveway, the plan called for 12 Day Lily’s. This was the first splash of colour. The deep brunt orange of the center of the perennial flowering plant blended nicely with our off-red brick and the bright yellow of the rest of the flower was a nice touch.

Here is what the front garden looked like once all of these were transplanted (in the case of the hostas) and planted.I also bought the best circular saw for the money for cutting wood when decorating the garden. The truth is that I can´t wait until my garden is done and I´m able to just go and sit with my cooler by the side drinking some beverages, to find what are currently the best coolers on the market, go here. to get one for yourself.

yews hostas and day lilys Garden Makeover   Part 9   Front Garden Gets Its Turn 

Next time, a problem arises the very next morning.

To continue with the next article in our series on our garden makeover, simply select this link to Part 10.

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