Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation – Part 2 – Butterfly Anchors And More

Yesterday in Part 1 we described how the prior owners of our home had used stiff wire to attach the vent covers in the basement’s drop ceiling to the vent’s duct work, preventing the vent from closing, and I don’t think they ever got to use the Duct cleaning Ottawa company, at least it doesn’t look like they did.

The solution we used came in two parts. The first part was the use of butterfly clips / plugs / anchors. Call them what you will, they did the trick for us.

basement drop ceiling vent cover and butterfly anchor Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation   Part 2   Butterfly Anchors And More

After removing the old vent cover in the drop ceiling tile, I then measured and cut two notches at either end of the opening for the vent in the ceiling tile. This notch would be where the butterfly anchors would go.

Next, before the vent cover was in the ceiling tile opening I used the screwdriver to place a screw through each hole at either end of the vent and half way into a butterfly anchor. Why? Well the opening in the ceiling tile was such that I could not drill a hole into which a butterfly plug would fit. So, by first cutting out the notches at either end I would hopefully squeeze the vent cover with the pre-installed screws and anchors into the opening.

I twisted each the screws into each butterfly anchor so that the space between the vent cover and the anchor was the same (hopefully) as the depth of the ceiling tile.

Well it worked. I did have to make a bit large notch at one end of the ceiling tile but it worked. Here are some pictures of the finished result. First from on top of the drop ceiling , notice the white butterfly anchor at the bottom of the picture and the screw protruding through it.

drop ceiling vent cover with butterfly plug Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation   Part 2   Butterfly Anchors And More

Next how the vent cover looks, with the flaps closed, from beneath the drop ceiling.

basement drop ceiling vent cover 1 Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation   Part 2   Butterfly Anchors And More 

However, one last piece remained. I mentioned in a prior article how we used a magnetic vent cover in our other daughter’s bathroom to stop the hot air from excessively heating that room. Well, now that it’s summer, she needs the cool air conditioned air to cool her bathroom and bedroom. So I simply took that magnetic vent cover and placed it on the vent cover in the ceiling of the other daughter’s bedroom. You can learn about HVAC including details on (air conditioner run capacitors) and air conditioning & heating systems.

basement drop ceiling vent covers Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation   Part 2   Butterfly Anchors And More 

It looks like an actual vent, doesn’t it? How does it stay up? It is magnetized. Well see how long it lasts upside down and if need be we can always tie it to the white vent cover.

Hopefully this gives you ideas to use in your own finished basement with either a drywall or a drop ceiling.

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  1. A says:

    Hate to break this to you but your effors at “closing” the vent isn’t going to work. Notice that big gap between the duct and the vent in the 2nd picture?
    All it means is your cooling the space between the drop ceiling and the 1st floor. Ditto in the winter, a good chunk of the heat will go into this “dead” space.
    Head to the big orange box store or other similar and get some foil tape. Tape the duct to the top of the ceiling tile.
    While you’re at it, go tape up all the gaps and seams you find in your duct work starting right at the furnace. Both the heating and return duct should have all gaps, cracks, holes and seams taped up for more efficient performance.


  2. Dan says:

    Hi ‘A’

    (why folks don’t want to leavee their first name so I can reply to them properly I don’t know :-) )

    Yes, you are right. The vent cover was actually inserted into the duct work but that picture didn’t come out to show the butterflu plug as well (which was the focus of this article along with the vent cover blocker) so I decided to go with this one.

    And, yes, the foil duct tape is waiting in the work room for when I return later this week to ‘seal’ it :-) Lot’s of gaps, etc. in the house’s duct work……always more to be found.


  3. Al says:

    overactive imagination on how permenant things are on the net and how easy it is to “find out” about people. Not that anyone in the world would really care to learn that much about me.
    Believe or not “A” is my first initial.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Link to part 1 doesn’t work.

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Strange, was working before.

    I have now fixed the link.

    Thank you, again, for bringing this to our attention.


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