Retractable Screen – Part 5 – The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution

We finished Part 4 mentioning that we needed a unique installation solution for our new retractable screen door from DreamScreens Canada.

One of our family members uses a walker and sometimes a wheel chair. The standard installation would see the top of the lower tract component rise up a good 1/4 or 3/8′s of an inch. It may not sound like a very small amount, but wheel chairs and walkers need flat surfaces to function the easiest for the occupant.

And, wheelchairs can be heavy with our without the occupant. If a wheelchair goes back and forth over the lower tract that is protruding up from the ground my fear is that over time this will cause the tract, as solid as it is, to start to bend and cause the retractable screen to have difficulties. Yes, per the manufacturer’s web site there is a lifetime warranty on the components except for the screen, but why go through the hassle?

Here is the base of the door frame containing our French Doors. 

outswing french door threshold Retractable Screen   Part 5   The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution 

Notice that with the out-swing French Doors we have the slope of the threshold going up from the hardwood floor to the outside. Usually French Doors installed against an exterior wall are in-swing, i.e. they open to the inside of the house.

So, the lower retractable screen tract would be placed on top of the existing threshold.

The Daily Home Renovation Tips solution by Public Adjusters (OK, OK, Dean actually came up with it; but he did say it was unique and had never used it before icon smile Retractable Screen   Part 5   The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution )  was to use two L-shaped thresholds. You can see them in the picture below on the table with the upper tract.

dreamscreen retractable screen door lower tract and l shaped thresholds Retractable Screen   Part 5   The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution

The solution was to place one L-shaped threshold on either side of the installed lower tract. In this manner each L-shaped threshold would provide sufficient rise that the result is a smooth surface for the walker or wheel chair to roll on top of the lower tract; each would also provide sufficient support such that the weight of the walker or wheel chair should not compromise the lower tract’s integrity.

dreamscreen retractable screen door 052 Retractable Screen   Part 5   The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution 

The result was a very sound installation of the lower tract that met our needs.

However, do you see it? Part of the French Door installation itself included a U-shaped support for the center post. As you can tell from the above picture this U-Shaped support for the French Door no longer fits security on top of the L-Shaped threshold. So Dean suggested it be cut in both height and angle. Once this was done we had a very, very nice solution indeed. Loot at the finished lower tract and threshold installation in the picture below.

dreamscreen retractable screen door 053 Retractable Screen   Part 5   The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution 

Perhaps you will have need of this unique, Daily Home Renovation Tips, lower tract installation for your own retractable screen door in the future.

To continue with the next article in this series on retractable screen doors, simply select this link to Part 6.

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  1. A nice neat application of a sill adapter. The adapter allows the wheelchair to pass over easily and allows the bottom of the retractable screen a groove to ride in so that it is properly sealed.

    The only thing is, why is that french installed backwards ?, The astragal in the center should be facing the deck.

    Right now any rain from the outside has a nice downhill path across the sill, right onto that beautiful new wooden floor.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Interesting comment. Now, remember I am just a simple home owner and not a constractor or door installer. What do you mean by the term ‘astragal’?

    I can tell you that, yes, usually French doors leading to the outside are in-swing. We specifically had ours installed as out-swing to provide more room in the small kitchen eating area.

    I will also say that what you do not see in the pictures is that the deck is a good 3 inches below the floor of the kitchen. As well there is another inch between the floor of the kitchen and the sill on top of the brick of the house.

    So far we have not experienced any rain or melting snow from the outside entering our home. It’s all sealed very nicely.


  3. Yaser says:

    Hi Dan,

    This out-swing French door looks spectacular. I have been looking for this product for the same reason that my dining area is not big enough for an in-swing door (and I do not like sliding doors).
    Do you mind providing more information about the manufacturer of this door and the company who installed for you.

    Many Thanks,

    • Dan says:

      Hi Yaser,
      Thanks for the comment.

      We purchased the French Doors as part of replacing all our windows (& sliding doors) on the main floor.

      We purchased it from Clera Windows and Doors.

      I hope that helps,

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