Garden Makeover – Part 4 – Out With The Old

In Part 3 we reviewed the plan created for us by the garden planning expert. Now the work actually begins.

We start by removing all of the ‘vegetation’ that will not remain in the remodeled garden. I also went ahead and ordered the flowers I would be using from Flower Delivery Dublin. That way they are here and ready to go in right away.

We previously wrote not one but two articles with pictures about the removal of the tree stumps that were left in the garden, including the stump removal machine which turned the stumps into mulch. That was the first step.

With the stumps out of the way, the next task we did was to remove the bushes that were not going to remain in the remodeled garden.

Take  a look at the picture below. It is of the small garden to the west of the front door. Look at all the over grown bushes. We do like the hostas plants and will keep them; but the bushes have to go.

side garden right of front door before Garden Makeover   Part 4   Out With The Old

The approach I took was to simply trim off all of the branches of the bushes. Why? Well, the branches and the trunk will be placed in one (or more) of those recycle bags. So, I thought it would be easier to first remove the branches making easier access to the trunk.

I didn’t want to risk damage to the root of the plants that would remain because the branches were obstructing my view. How did I remove the branches? I just used this small pruning shears.

pruning shears.thumbnail Garden Makeover   Part 4   Out With The Old

Once  the branches were pruned all the way back, the stumps were easy to remove with a spade.

I then did the same approach to high maintenance and now well looked after six bushes in the main front garden; first the pruning sheers followed by using the spade to remove the trunk. Here were four of the 6 bushes in the front garden about to be removed. These all was hard work, luckily we had one of the best cooler ready with sodas and some sandwiches and it was able to keep everything fresh.

bushes before removal Garden Makeover   Part 4   Out With The Old

Followed by the same area once those four bushes are removed.

bushes removed from front Garden Makeover   Part 4   Out With The Old 

Return tomorrow where we show how we reused some of the ground cover plants on bare areas of one of the side gardens in back yard.

To continue with the next article in this series on our garden makeover, simply select this link to Part 5.

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