Garden Makeover – Part 3 – The Plan Returned

Yesterday in Part 2 we wrote about the submission of our garden planning document after we used an ant exterminator to get rid of all the bugs.

A week after we handed in the garden planning document we received a phone call from the person who created the plan. It was ready to be picked up. Yea! icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 3   The Plan Returned Below is that it looks like.

completed garden plan Garden Makeover   Part 3   The Plan Returned


 Now, the first thing we noticed was that it was very detailed. I like details. Next, I noticed in the upper left corner of the plan was written by the garden planner (is that the same as a garden ‘whisperer’? icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 3   The Plan Returned ) ‘LOW MAINTENANCE!. Yes, she read my notes on the low / no maintenance type of garden.

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I notice that there are almost no annuals listed. Excellent! I always get confused between the term ‘annuals’ vs the term ‘perennials’ when it comes to flowers. An annual flower is one that will die in the fall and you have to by new ones every year, i.e. annually. A perennial type of flower is more permanent, it will return year after year after ….

Now, she’s recommending a total of 11 Pyramidal Yews. These are the pyramid shaped evergreen shrub / tree (I still don’t know what the difference is between a shrub vs a tree). Per some information I gathered on the Internet, while these types of shrubs can grow up to 30 to 50 feet in height they are very slow growing when in mostly shade. Good.

The plan calls for three of these to be planted in front of the mini-wall jutting out from the garage, which is good as I had indicated I wanted to hide that darn thing. Well, I immediately contacted excellent garage door repair services around San Bernardino county cities.

She is recommending underneath each of the two windows on the garage wall Yew Hedge plants which as I have just learned are extremely slow growing. Yea. Several Globe Blue Spruce plants (my personal favorite evergreen bush… did she know? icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 3   The Plan Returned ) strategically located in the main garden. Sweet.

Next, on the outside of both garage windows she is recommending Climbing Hydrangea. Again, slow growing and will cling to the wall of the garage. This is good too.

She’s including a half dozen or so Variegated Hosta plants. We like these, had them in our prior home’s back garden, and have lots of these already in the current garden. We will simply transplant them from their current location to that indicated on the plan.

Stella D’or Day Lily’s along the edge of the garden adjacent to the driveway. Nice perennials.

She is also recommending Astilibe annuals along one of the areas of the main garden. Oh well. I can see her point, however. The red flower of this annual plant will complement nicely the Emperior Japanese Maple plant that these annuals are to surround.

Don’t worry about the lack of pictures and links to pictures of the various plants in this article. We’ll have lots to show you soon as we plant them in our garden.

There are other plants that she is recommending that we will not do.  While Bokwood Hedge plant is recommended and slow growing, we’ll use some of the Hosta plants we already have (cut down the costs). Gold Spirea for yellow-gold colour in the main garden. No thank you. Had them before and they were too high maintenance for me. Weeping Japanese Maple, no thanks. One Japanese Maple is sufficient for my liking. Plus, I just don’t care for ‘weeping’ type of trees.

OK, now what?

Well, the next step is to prepare the gardens; the main garden on the front lawn as well as the two small gardens on either side of the front door. That is where we will pick up our garden makeover project when we next return to this series.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 4.

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