Garden Makeover – Part 1 – The Project

We have, and continue to write, about the interior renovations and energy conservation activities in our home. This article begins a new series on the makeover of our front gardens.

The person from whom we purchased the house turned off the in ground sprinkler system between the date we waived our final condition on our offer and the dated we actually took possession, around 60 days. This really caused a lot of damage on the lawns and gardens in last summer’s heat wave.

So, we spent any time outside trying to repair the lawns.

Here is where we are starting.  We have one main garden that is overgrown with weeds, has lot’s of grass now growing from the lawn into the garden itself so the garden’s definition has been blurred or compromised. There are also overgrown trees, some in failing health and is what I would call a ‘high maintenance’ lawn, i.e. the home owner has to do work pruning the bushes, pulling the weeds out of the soil, and so on.

Here is a picture of that garden which is on the north side of our home against the garage wall. This picture shows the condition after only the tree was cut down in the near corner with the stump still in the ground. Nothing else had been done.

after tree removed stumps remained Garden Makeover   Part 1   The Project

There are some nice decorative stones for us to work with, some of which have been buried under the dirt as we came to discover for ourselves. 

This front garden, which we will comment on in future articles, contains significant mold on the soil adjacent to the north wall of the garage caused by excessive watering / improper drainage or water run off, insufficient sun light, or all three. Here is but one example of the mold:

mold on front garden Garden Makeover   Part 1   The Project

On either side of the front door are two small gardens which do not get too much sun, especially the one on the North East corner. These two include high maintenance bushes that have not been well maintained.

small front garden current state Garden Makeover   Part 1   The Project

Here is an after picture of the above, just so you can tell where we are going to end up. icon smile Garden Makeover   Part 1   The Project

right side garden after Garden Makeover   Part 1   The Project

My wife’s husband can be lazy. I’d much rather be watching a ball game on TV than gardening. So, we want to have a low to very low maintenance garden. As well, we want it to look nice as it is part of the first impression of someone who visits our home.

So, lot’s of work to do. Lot’s to write about. The next article in this series will address where we started, and it’s likely not where you think.So if you need more gardening information make sure to check our next article.

To continue to the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 2.

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