Stump Removal – Part 2 – The Machine

Yesterday we started this short series of articles on tree stump removal in Part 1 by showing you both the before and after pictures. We had a crab apple tree and a large evergreen in the front garden that we needed removed so we could proceed with our garden makeover.

Our friend in New York City, Dan K. (I’m not sure where he is from but he ‘claims’ to be a Boston Red Sox fan) was curious about the machine used by the contractor to remove the tree stumps.

So here it is:

linamar mower may 2008 037 Stump Removal   Part 2   The Machine 

according to machine shop bayonne nj, that was a close up of the most important part. This machine did not attempt to cut the roots and pull the tree stump up out of the ground. Instead, this machine used the teeth shown in the above picture to grind away at the stump leaving nothing by mulch in it’s wake. Notice that the ‘teeth’ come in pairs, each angled away from the center of the ‘blade’.

Here is another picture of the full machine on the trailer.

stump removal mathcine Stump Removal   Part 2   The Machine

It was actually pretty cool how the machine was used. The contractor first pushed the dirt away from the tree bark down to just beneath the target depth that the tree stump was going to be ‘removed’, which for us was 5 to 6 inches beneath the soil.

Typically, I would recommend a few more inches of stump removal to allow one the option of planting a replacement tree with sufficient depth in the soil. However, we knew that in two day’s time we were going to have 6 yards of triple mix soil delivered to our home to build up the front garden by around 4 to 5 inches or so. This combination would give us almost a full foot of depth for the replacement plant / shrub / tree.

Next, he simply moved the machine up to the stump and then proceeded to run the mulching blade back and forth, back and forth against the stump. As this back and forth motion proceeded, the teeth on the mulching blade chewed the stump, creating the mulch.

Here are some pictures of the machine in action against the former crab apple tree.

stump removal 1 Stump Removal   Part 2   The Machine

stump removal 2 Stump Removal   Part 2   The Machine

stump removal 3 Stump Removal   Part 2   The Machine

The entire job took less than 15 minutes to mulch both of the tree stumps. Very impressive. Very cool.

There you go, Brother Dan!  I hope you enjoyed our short series on the removal of tree stumps in our front yard.

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  1. cldnails says:

    Fitting captcha. ‘tree’ lol

    At any rate, I’ve got a stump in my front yard I need to get rid of. I’m thinking it will be cheaper and less time consuming to just pay someone to do that work. My stump is considerably larger than the one you have pictured.

  2. Dan says:

    Hey cldnails,

    The gentleman who used this machine charged us $95 for the crab apple tree stump and $45 for the smaller evergreen tree stump.

    While I don’t like shelling out money for stuff I can do myself, I also know my limits and those prices sounded like a great deal to me in the time it saved me. It allowed me to finish the major phase 1 of our front garden remodeling that we will we writing and sharing about soon.


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