CFL (Energy Saving) Light Bulbs – Now, the Pool Table

We wrote last week our first article on CFL light bulbs and shared a very nice visually appealing and interactive web site called SpringLight CFL. This web site had pictures of various rooms in a typical home and all the different areas where light bulbs tend to be used.

So, it got me thinking about what areas of our house contained incandescent (high energy usage) type of light bulbs that were candidates to be replaced.

I am all about saving money, as my financial background will attest.

As well, I have children (early 20′s). I want their world and their (if we are so blessed) children to grow up in a world that does not have environmental issues because I was too near sighted and lazy to do at least simply things to reduce my home’s consumption of non-renewable resources like oil, natural gas, water and so on.

 CFL (Energy Saving) Light Bulbs   Now, the Pool Table

So, I walk around the house on the weekend. And, look what I found. The billiard table that my youngest daughter and her boyfriend had been using when he was over last weekend. What about it’s lights?

Geeeze, I never thought about those because I personally am a terrible billiard player (my wife’s father beat me 7 to 1 during the New Year holidays!) and I am sufficiently busy with the various home renovation and energy conservation projects around the house to have the luxury of time to play.

pool table with both lights CFL (Energy Saving) Light Bulbs   Now, the Pool Table

So, here is what I did. I obtained 14 Watt CFL pot light type of energy saving light bulbs that have a 7 year warranty, are made Lead Free, and are to last 8,000 hours per the packaging (7 to 10 times the life of non-CFL bulbs). I used them to replace the current very old bulbs in the lights over the pool table.  The picture above shows the 3 lights on the left with the old bulbs (which were very old….installed by the prior owner) while the 3 lights on the right are using these new CFL’s.

Notice in the picture above two things. First, you can see the old light bulbs protruding from the lights on the left while you cannot in the lights on the right. This means less glare for the player.

 springlight 14w bright white CFL (Energy Saving) Light Bulbs   Now, the Pool Table

Second, there was no reduction in clarity or brightness. And, as I have learned, this particular model is not the brightest of this particular brand line; rather, it was the middle of the brightness level called ‘Bright White’. The brighter level is called ‘Daylight’.

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This is an excellent, I think, area for CFL’s. As I have come to learn, CFL’s are the most beneficial if they are on for at least 15 minutes or so. The way I play these games go on for a long, long time.

Over time and by using more CFL type of energy saving light bulbs in our home our electricity bill will continue to go down. Which my wallet will appreciate!

Oh, and if our future grand children ever ask me “Grampa, what did you do to help conserve energy in the past?” I will be able to tell the truth that at least I tried to do my part, even if it was a little at a time.

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