Solar Charged Lawn Mower – Part 6 – Performance in Thick Grass

In Part 5  of our series of articles reviewing the new solar charged 24V brushless electric lawn mower from Linamar Consumer Products, we reviewed our experience with our test drive of this new lawn mower.

After we published that article we received several direct emails and comments including more than one on how the lawn mower performed in heavy or thick grass. Now we can report back to you on our results. Remember though, I am not an engineer or scientist so this is not in any way a controlled experiment.

The day after we performed our test drive we went away on a two week vacation, we had such a good time, this year we bought one of the best coolers and decided to take a traditional ski holiday, amd on top of that we traveled with The Comfy Traveler pillows it was so relaxing, the Audi leasing that we got for this special trip took a lot of weight out of our shoulders as well. We asked Jen, one of our daughters who stayed behind at home, not to cut the grass while we were away. She gladly complied with the request. icon smile Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 6   Performance in Thick Grass

So, by the time we returned and went to mow the lawn a full 17 days has passed. Our freshly fertilized lawn had grown a substantial amount. This was a really good test we thought to see if this new solar charged  mower was as good as advertised, i.e. as powerful as a gas powered lawn mower.

The answer was ….. yes … with a slight qualification.

Our lawn measured 66 feet by 50 feet in the front and 66 feet by 70 feet in the back. As well there is another 10 feet by 70 feet on the other side of the driveway shown below before any mowing.

Overall I was pleased with the performance. As far as the visuals here are several pictures that may help with the understanding of the thickness and height of our overgrown lawn. First the main front lawn shown immediately prior to the operation of the mower and the second partially cut.

epic solar lawn mower front lawn pre cut 1 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 6   Performance in Thick Grass


 This next before and partial after picture shows the other side of the driveway lawn before and after a  partial cut.

utopia solar charged mower front lawn partial cut 1 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 6   Performance in Thick Grass


I called this performance a slightly qualified yes above. Let me explain.

side lawn thick grass pre cut 1 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 6   Performance in Thick Grass


solaris solar charged mower thick grass cut 2 Solar Charged Lawn Mower   Part 6   Performance in Thick Grass


First, as you might be able to see from the above pictures for the side lawn there was in my opinion (and you know what they say… beauty is in the eye of the beholder) the grass clippings left were excessive in length for a mulching operation. Well, as I discovered there is a reason for this.

The mower is sold with the grass catching rear bag as well as with the rear ‘flap’ if one wants to mulch the grass. However, there is a separate blade specific for mulching. The standard model does not come with the mulching blade. One has to order it separately. I failed to realize this. I will obtain this mulching blade and see how it performs.

Second, I did not run on fully charged batteries. It was a risk, but I wanted to do the test and tell y’all about it that I did not wait until the charging station indicated the batteries were fully charged. So, the mower did fully mow the main and side front lawn and only a part of the back yard before the batteries gave out.

But, I then tried to use my old corded electric lawn mower on the remaining part of the back lawn. What a difference. First, I appreciated the self propelled feature of the Linamar mower and I had already forgotten how much effort it was to use my old corded mower.

And, second, even though I had the blade for the old corded electric mower sharpened late last fall, I had to go over the grass two and sometimes three times before it was cut with my old mower. I did not have to re-cut ANY of the front lawn or the portion of the back lawn that was cut with the solar charged lawn mower. This I did not expect yet was pleasantly surprised.

So, was the solar charged mower as powerful as a gas powered lawn mower? Well, it certainly was more powerful than my old corded electric mower. I don’t have a gas powered mower to undertake a direct test. Did the batteries last for the full lawn? I can’t answer that as I did not wait until the batteries were fully charged. Sorry about that. And, did it provide sufficient mulching capability? I’ll have to wait, along with the rest of you, until I receive the optional mulching blade and run another test.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 7.

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  1. the home renovation tipster says:

    It’s a very good idea to have on of these gadgets at home especially if you are fond of lawns and you have a very big backyard to do mowering.

    Just curious BTW, what if I like to use it in the afternoon where the sun won’t hurt the skin?

  2. Dan says:

    There is no issue. You can use the mower at any time, day or night, as you would any other lawn mower. The solar charging station, as described in prior articles, is separate from the mower itself.

  3. henry says:

    I used my for the 3rd time yesterday. The grass had grown very long (probably 5\”) and I used the highest setting. The batteries were fully charged when I started. I did not go self-propelled because I felt it wouldn\’t cut properly since I find the drive too quick, and I felt there would be too little mulching action… understanding that I don\’t have the mulching blade. (But, as I understand it, a mulching blade is supposed to redirect the cut grass upward into the cutting chamber so that it get re-cut over and over. The default blade does seem to have angled ends to allow this to happen, but alas, there wasn\’t much mulch apart from what was stuck on the inside of the chamber.) Unfortunately, the batteries died before I could finish cutting. Note to self, cut front lawn first, then back lawn. I have about 4000sf of lawn. So the fact that I purposely took longer to cut longer grass resulted in batteries dieing before completion. I figure it took about 1 hr for the batteries to die.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Henry,
    Thanks very much for the comments. Great feedback on your experiences.

    I agree that the mulching blade would help with the mulching. In fact, I just received mine today and will replace the standard blade over the weekend and take on another ‘test drive’, this time on a ‘mulching test drive’.

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