Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 4 – More Than One

We called in the Calvary. I thought I had found every area in the en suite that was not sufficiently sealed with silicone sealer that could be causing the leak but still the leak was occurring. I had turned the ceiling tile 90 degrees each time I fixed what I thought was missing silicone in the bathroom shower.

This third time again caused the same water leak stain to appear in the same place.

now three water stains on drop ceiling tile Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 4   More Than One

So, I called Bennett, the person who actually installed our kitchen cabinets, as well as who hooked up the plumbing and electrical in our remodelled kitchen. He said it was no issue to drop by and was over in a few evenings to help us with our slow yet very annoying and troublesome leak.

Well, upon Bennett’s investigation he discovered that it was not the one pipe from which water was dripping, it was three.

piping above stained ceiling tile Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 4   More Than One

Here’s a closeup of the two black pipes on the left. Notice that you can see the water trails on the one on the right but not on the left. What you can’t see is that on the other side of the pipe on the left is also water leak trails. And, a third one to the left of that one (not shown in the picture was also leaking; not as much, but enough to stain the inside of it’s ceiling tile.

piping closeup Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 4   More Than One

All three of these pipes, the two black ones in the picture above an a third to the immediate left covered by the ceiling tile were all underneath the en suite shower stall. So, something had to be unsealed.

Bennett proceeded to go upstairs and discovered that in fact I had not found all of the unsealed areas in the shower stall where the grout was not properly finished. Underneath the shower door was a flat piece of marble. Underneath it is a section of verticle shower tile. Unfortunately, the grout that should have sealed the top part of the vertical shower tile to the underside of the marble was not sufficient, leaving a large space.

When we take our showers, we use a squeegee to remove the condensation and water from the glass shower wall, including the glass shower door. And, yes, when we do that, all of the condensation and water goes onto the marble top and, likely, running underneath to the space between the marble top and the vertical tile.

So, that is my next task. I have to run up to the store to get more silicone caulking as well as a cleaning solvent. Why the cleaning solvent? Well, we have been using the shower for about 5 or 6 months now causing the build-up of soap scum and minerals from the water onto the tile, even with the frequent cleaning. And, Bennett also suggested that I use a little sand paper on the grout to roughen it up allowing the subsequent application of the silicone caulking to have something to grab on to, or you could use the best hepa vacuum to cleaning deeply and get the work done.If that does not work hes suggested i should hire a professional house cleaner.

It sounds like a plan. When we return to our series on our basement ceiling leak we will see if this approach works, or if we still have more work to do. To continue to the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 5.

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