Ceiling Tile Replacement – Part 2

OK, yesterday we had started our task of replacing the ceiling tile. We left off with the new 4 foot long tile laid on a flat surface and the old 2 foot square tile on top to act as a template for cutting.

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What we used to cut the 4 foot long piece was a simple utility knife. However, make sure that the blade is sharp. A dull blade will cause more of a mess and can accidentally rip the tile surface.

Start with very light pressure to make the initial groove in the replacement tile against the edge of the old tile. Keep repeating many, many times until you have finish cutting the replacement tile. It does not take any time at all, perhaps 4 to 5 minutes. Just go slowly to avoid any errant cuts. Also, make sure if you are using the old tile as a cutting template to keep pressure on the old tile so it does not move during the cutting of the new tile.

door handle instal 045 Ceiling Tile Replacement   Part 2

Yes, this can get very, very messy. Ceiling tile, after all, is nothing more than light wood fibres pressed lightly together.

door handle instal 044 Ceiling Tile Replacement   Part 2

Then return and insert your new ceiling tile into the drop ceiling.

door handle instal 043 Ceiling Tile Replacement   Part 2

And, yes, don’t forget to clean up your mess at the scene of the cutting.If you need help you can get the best carpet cleaner experts.

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