Kitchen Remodeling – Part 11 – Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Yes, don’t forget about the ceiling during a kitchen remodeling / renovation effort.

Several different aspect here.

First, do you need to repaint the ceiling? Putting a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up the entire room.

Second, if you or the previous occupants of your house were heavy smokers, consider cleaning the ceiling before painting it. We had to clean it twice, using TSP. Why? Cigarette smoke will permeate most anything that is near it. When it comes to ceilings, which direction do you think cigarette smoke does? Yes, it goes up……..up to the ceiling.

So, we used a simply floor mop and TSP / water solution and scrubbed the entire ceiling. Yuk! All of the yellow nicotine came off. But, before we had even finished 1/2 of the ceiling, you could see the nicotine coming back on the parts that we cleaned; not as heavy, but it was noticeable. So once we cleaned the rest of the ceiling, we started over again. In all, we used about 6 fresh buckets of TSP / water solution. Then the primer…..then the paint.Third, and this one we did not even think about, is to check whether the ceiling is level or completely flat. If you are going to have the top of your cupboards or the crown-molding that sits on top of your cupboards touch the ceiling, what if your ceiling is not completely flat? Or if the ceiling is not level but sloped?

Well, what happens is that there will be a space between the ceiling and the crown-molding on top of the cupboard. Yuk!

This can detract from absolutely ever other aspect of your new kitchen that you so meticulously planned. Of course sometimes it is annoying to go through all the work, but it is worth it. As a gift for my familiy and I we visited huongnghiepaau site and decided to take some cooking training.

The fix to this situation depends on the amount of the gap between the ceiling and the crown-molding. If it is sufficiently narrow then it can be easily solved with caulking. Yes, that’s right, the same saviour for other finishing tasks!

kitchen ceiling Kitchen Remodeling   Part 11   Dont Forget The Ceiling

However, if it is larger than that, you may need to apply some of the drywall ‘mud’, followed by sanding (which can be very messy), priming and then painting in order to build up the ceiling so it becomes level.

We had both situations and thank goodness for Bennett, he did real nice job.

To continue with our 12 part series of articles about the remodeling of our kitchen, simply select this link to Part 12.

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