Kitchen Remodeling – Part 9 – Drawers

In this article about our kitchen remodeling, I thought we would look at the different types of drawers which we selected for our kitchen.

I know, I know. Drawers? Are you kidding me? Could there possibly be a more boring topic? icon smile Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

Well, let me say this. We have lived in a lot of houses in our time and not having the right type of drawer can be very frustrating. Not at first, but that frustration can gradually build up over time.

Apart from all of the glitz and glamour of a kitchen design showroom, you need to pay attention to the workability of the kitchen. Kitchens are not cheap. In fact, they can be the single most expensive part of a home. You don’t want all that money to go to waste with a non-functioning kitchen, do you? If you happen to be needing a manual food processor visit chasethhatilove, afeter your kitchen is done you are probably wan to have new kitchen utensils like a new blender, yoiu can check the vitamix s50 review which is one of the best ones .


 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

OK, here are the different types of drawers in our kitchen:


Over-sized Pot Drawer

What a great idea! Food preparation happens on the island. Why not have a place in the island for your Cuisinart, blender, mixing bowls and the like right there!


kitchen island 006 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

Utensil Drawer

We have two in the island immediately above the over-sized pot drawer in the picture above. The upper drawer is where we keep the, well, utensils, and the second one is where we keep the dish towels and cloths.

Spice Rack Drawer

Very handy to have all the cooking spices as part of the island where the food preparation is done. In the past we kept our spices way over in the pantry.


kitchen island 007 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

Shelf Pull-Out Drawer

This type of drawer is contained within a cabinet. We chose it for one of the two cabinets above the refrigerator to hold those items that were hard to reach.


fridge pull out Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers



Trash Pull-Out Drawer

Yes, the good old drawer containing not one but two trash bins, one for the recyclable green bin and the other for actual to goodness non-recyclable trash.


sink 001 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

 1/2 Drawers

Look at the two drawers immediately beneath the counter. Those are two separate 1/2 drawers….1/2 in width only; they have the same depth as any other drawers. These little drawers are great to keep little nick knack, pieces of paper, notes, pens, tape, and so on, all we need to decide yet is the finishing of the drawer decide between orbital vs belt sander which is better and how to approach it.

door handle instal 020 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

‘Regular’ Drawers

The two lower drawers in the picture above I would group into this category. Not as deep as pot drawers.   

Pot Drawers

To the right of the stove, first is another utensil drawer for the cooking utensils (ladle, spatchula, garlic press, and so on). Beneath it are not one but two pot drawers. For us, pot drawers are worth their weight in gold. So incredibly functional as they contain, well the pots, pans, lids and strainers which we use to cook with on the stove.


kitchen island 003 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 9   Drawers

There, I think we’ve got them all. We hope that helps you in deciding what type of drawers for your new kitchen and where you want them to be placed within your new kitchen cabinetry.

To continue with our 12 part series on our kitchen remodeling experinces, simply select this link to Part 10.

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