Kitchen Remodeling – Part 2 – Kitchen Designer Selection

Now that we were armed with at least an awareness of different materials, designs, options for kitchens today from the home show, we went about selecting a kitchen design firm. We liked the kitchen in the present house so we knew for certain that we would be going back to them.

From the home show we picked up some business cards of kitchen design firms in our geographic area. Some designers stood out like CKCo in Columbus Ohio as they’re expert at kitchen remodeling. We did not want to pick a kitchen design firm that was more than 10 minutes from the new house location because we senses that with the cost of a new kitchen there would be many, many visits with the kitchen designer.

We also spoke to our friends and acquaintances about our need and received the name of another firm in the area of the new house.

Well, the kitchen design firm used for our present house was a great disappointment. The designer was friendly enough, but we had to do all the initial work before she would even come out to the house to ‘finalize’ the dimensions and the agreed upon design.

We then went to the firm recommended by one of our acquaintances. What a difference. Jim, the designer, took all the time we wanted and answered all our questions on the different materials in their show room, volunteered to come out to the house just to see for himself the house, its environment (i.e. the outside), personally verify all the dimensions, and so on.

After Jim’s initial visit to the house, he then created not one, not two but three different designs to discuss with us, including one that closely resembed the final product, shown below. All this without a contract.

kitchen island 011 Kitchen Remodeling   Part 2   Kitchen Designer Selection


It’s important that you have an excellent rapport with your kitchen designer. Renovating a kitchen is not an overnight job. It can be stressful. There are many, many decisions to make from where to place the new water lines and electrical feeds down to the selection of the handles on the cabinets. The greater the rapport with your designer, the better you will be able to deal with the stress, if not you will probably see yourself getting kratom in order to relief the stress.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the alternative designs, the one we selected and why.

To continue with our 12 part series of articles on our kitchen makeover experiences, simply select this link to Part 3.

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