ecoENERGY Report – Part 14 – Estimated Heat Loss

Yesterday, we began by explaining the Estimated Annual Heat Loss graph contained in the Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report we received for our house from the first of two ‘energy audits’ received under the ecoENERGY Grant program.

This post will complete this review. To remind us, this is the Estimated Annual Heat Loss received in the report:

 audit report page 4 figure 2 ecoENERGY Report   Part 14   Estimated Heat Loss

OK, let’s talk about the Windows bar lines. 

Wow.  Let me say it again. Wow. If we are interpreting the graph correctly, we can reduce the estimated annual heat loss from 54 Gigajoules (or GJ for short) to 22 GJ’s. Or to say it another way, we can reduce our estimated annual heat loss from the windows in our house by 59%. Wow.

Exposed Floor……no bars on the graph make sense to us because we have a finished basement. We do have in the work room, the only room with unfinished walls in the basement, the cement foundation floor that is only covered by a collection of very small carpet remnants. If this is what this category represents we thought that there might be a negligible savings if we had wall to wall carpet installed on this. However, it is such as small area (less than 150 square feet) that likely it was too small to report on.

Main Walls……good: no improvements possible. We take that to mean that the exterior walls of the main floor of our house are sufficiently insulated.

Ceiling……disappointing, but not how you might think. We knew that we had to get the ceiling insulation redone because, well, quite frankly there was next to none when we moved in. We are not disappointed in that there is no difference between the green and red bars. What is disappointing is that no one told us about this program (as we reported in previous posts last year) when we had the blown insulation added in the fall. We still maintain that the company (and  you know who you are) from whom we contracted to have the attic re-insulated should have told us about the ecoENERGY Grant Program and the $600 of Federal Grant money that we could have received had we first had the energy efficiency evaluation.

To us, the ecoENERGY Grant program should still allow us to receive the grant if we can show proof (i.e. paid invoice) that we had the insulation added to the attic.

OK, that is the bulk of the report. There are other areas which we have already referred to in earlier posts. Tomorrow, the last during our ecoENERGY focus posts in the month of January, we will reveal which  recommendations we plan to act upon…..and which ones we have already started along with a review of best road bikes under $500.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 15.

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