ecoENERGY Report – Part 13 – Estimated Heat Loss

OK, we are back now for the first of the final three posts examining specific areas of our Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report received from the ‘energy audit’ on our house under the ecoENERGY Grant Program.

The graph below taken from the Report shows:

  • estimated heat loss based on the results of the evaluation of our home (current state), and
  • estimated heat loss assuming we implemented all of the recommendations in the report (potential future state), for
  • different areas of our home.

Some of the differences between the current and potential future state are striking. Again, the old adage that a picture is worth…..well, you know icon smile ecoENERGY Report   Part 13   Estimated Heat Loss …… also applies here:

 audit report page 4 figure 2 ecoENERGY Report   Part 13   Estimated Heat Loss

Now, some commentary from our perspectives.

First, we were surprised at the small amount if possible improvement for the Air Leakage & Ventilation. Why? Well, because we can feel air leaks in the living room with the curent bay windows and we can feel a lot of air leak from the front door. There was also the door to the cold cellar where there were air leaks before we sealed it with weather stripping and door sweep. It will be interesting to compare the results from the second audit once we complete all of the energy conservation related renovations related to heat loss.

We are not focusing on the Basement area of the chart because of the previously discussed error with the inputting of the data into the evaluation firm’s computer system from that which was provided by the evaluator, Bruce.

We are surprised that there is no anticipated improvement for the Doors portion of the chart because, as mentioned above, we can feel the air coming into the house on very cold and windy days.

In tomorrow’s posting, we will provide our perspective on the remainder of the Estimated Annual Heat Loss graph.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 14.

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  1. Dara says:

    I didn’t even know you could have an energy audit. Who funds the grant program? Is it state or national?

  2. dan says:

    Hi Dara,

    In Canada the funding for an energy audit is on a province by province basis.

    In the United States I believe, but you would have to check to be sure, it is on a State by State basis, if any States fund this.

    With the cost between $250 and $350 it is not really that much for a home owner to fund themselves for the benefits they can gain, IMO.

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