Automatic Faucets – Remember To Keep Clean

That might sound like a strange title for a post. However, last weekend a situation occurred that was new to me.

Those who are regular followers of Daily Home Renovation Tips will recall that we renovated the en suite bathroom to make it accessible for one of our daughters who is physically challenged.

As part of that renovation, we installed an automatic faucet in the sink, just like the kind they have in airport or hotel bathrooms, as well as one of the best LED shower heads we could find in the shower.

This type of faucet has a sensor at the front which will start the water flowing once it senses an object (assumed to be a person’s hand or a face cloth or a tooth brush, etc.) is sufficiently close (a few inches away) to the front sensor to be under the faucet opening.

Well, last weekend I happened to walk slowly past the front of the sink and sensor activated the mechanism so water started to come out of the faucet. And it would not stop. I tried all kinds of things for what seemed like 5 minutes. We also need to hire exterminator brampton service to get rid of the pest in the house.

 Automatic Faucets   Remember To Keep Clean

Then I noticed (I know, I know……it took me 5 minutes to notice this icon sad Automatic Faucets   Remember To Keep Clean ) that the front of the sensor area had been splattered with soap. Once I cleaned off the sensor area with nothing more than a wet face cloth and moved my hand and the face cloth away from the front sensor area, the water stopped coming out of the faucet. If you are looking for cleaning solutions for domestic and commercial properties at most affordable rates, visit for more information. When you want to get the job done fast, hire cleaning exec. In addition, visit carpet cleaning lapeer mi to learn more.

Well now I know. Keep the sensor area of the faucet clean.

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