ecoENERGY Report – Part 5 – Recommendations

Yesterday, we left off confused about the first recommendation from the ecoENERGY Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report, namely insulating the basement walls. If you recall, we have stated that the vast majority of our basement is already finished and insulated. Only the work room is not, and it is a very small room. We were concerned that we were looking at major re-insulating the finished basement walls.

audit report page 1 recommendation basement ecoENERGY Report   Part 5   Recommendations

So, we called the company we used for the ecoENERGY Grant program. They were very nice. They indicated that we needed to contact directly the person who undertook the actual evaluation. So we did.

What we learned was that this recommendation should not have been on the report. Yes, he agreed in looking at his notes that this recommendation only related to the small unfinished area of the basement, i.e. our work room. And, yes, he agreed that this area represented less than 12% of the entire basement wall surface. He also stated that in order for us to be eligible for this incentive under the ecoENERGY grant program’s guidelines, we would need to have at least 20% non or under-insulated basement walls.

What appeared to have happened is that when he submitted his evaluation report to the company’s head office, the person who actually did the data entry from his notes mis-interpreted what the inspector had indicated.

So, two key lessons here:

First, if you do not understand something in your Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report, ask. Call up the company you used and if need-be, call up the inspector. Our inspection company and inspector were very, very nice and patient with us asking our questions. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Second, before you undertake any renovations be sure you understand what the recommendation is and that it is accurate. To err is human and we all make mistakes.

To continue with the next part in this series on our ecoENERGY Residential Retrofit assessment report, simply select this link to Part 6.

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  1. Tom Arnold says:

    The person who did your ‘evaluation’ is feeding you a load of B.S. This is nothing more than a generic report and in no way represents actual values.

  2. Dan says:

    Well, Tom.

    As they say, it is a free country. It seems like you have had a bad experience with your energy audit, and that is unfortunate.
    Yes, and some of our posts mention this, parts of the report are boiler plate and do not reflect our particular house.
    However, other parts of the report are very specific to us.
    Perhaps you should have had your energy audit done by a different firm, if you had a poor experience?

  3. vipsoft says:

    If you didn’t report the error, would you have been able to claim the $1000 federal grant doing nothing?

    Did you receive a new report?

  4. Dan says:

    Hi vipsoft,

    To answer your question, no. There is the second or “E” energy efficiency assessment (i.e. energy audit) performed within 18 months of the first to document the recommendations implemented. In our case it will likely be the same person. As the basement was finished at least 10+ years ago I have to believe he would see that it was not new work.

    But, you know, you raise an interesting point.


  5. Greg says:

    As an Energy Advisor I can tell you that the initial audit report was incorrect. And I’d like to suggest it was an honest error, we all make mistakes. However the reporting program does allow for partial completion of walls, basement,ceilings, crawl spaces and so forth. The report will give an actual dollar number based upon the percentage upgrade completed or required.

    I just completed an audit for someone that has a basement partially completed, measuring the perimeter I determined that 51% is complete however, the customer is eligible to upgrade the remaining 49% for a grant of $318 from the Federal Government matched dollar-for-dollar by the Ontario government. Yes it is true 20% of the basement must be upgraded in order to qualify.


  6. Dan says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your experience. Always good to hear from both sides of the fence, i.e. a household who has had the Energy Audit performed on their home as well as an accredited professional who performes the energy audits.


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