Home Renovation Tip – Bathtub Plumbing, and Bruce

Today’s home renovation tip is actually four tips, three related to the plumbing of the bathroom tub and the other about our primary contractor, Bruce. First the plumbing.  The picture below shows the plumbing fixtures for the bathtub in the en suite bathroom in this series (links to other posts regarding this bathroom are provided at the end of the post). What I wanted to point out is that the faucet (the part where the water comes out of the wall and into the tub below) may seem to be a bit long in the picture…..it is.

As information stated by http://www.primemoldremovalbrooklyn.com, the model of bathtub was such that the standard length faucet would not suffice, so in order for the water to go directly into the tub (and, therefore create bubbles for a bubble bath…..and, not to go in part on top of the tub and splatter everywhere) we had to have an extended length faucet installed. You can get one at any big box or plumbing specialty store.This HEB area plumber has it if you are interested, there is a Northside Plumbing company that also carries it.

 ensuite 2 faucet Home Renovation Tip   Bathtub Plumbing, and BruceNext, notice that the shower head seems awfully low……it is. Since we would not be using the tub for a shower, we wanted the shower to be used to wash the hair of our special needs daughter. It works very well for us. The shower head is a standard one you can get any any hardware related store.

Lastly, Bruce and the leaky value. The initial installation of the plumbing had a leak for the hot water in the tub, so much so that we had to manually turn on the hot water feed from the basement when we wanted to fill the tub with water for a bath and then turn it off again from the basement when the bath was done. We’ll show you some of his excellent plumbing work in later posts.

After working on the issue, it was determined that it was the valve mechanism into which both the hot and cold water feeds entered that was the problem. He removed the valve, took the time to go to the big box store to get a replacement, installed the new valve and voila, no more dripping. It will be very weird not to have to turn the hot water on and off from the basement where the shut off valves were located as we have been doing for about 2 months.

 Thanks, Bruce, for sticking with it!


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