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Today’s home renovation tip deals with the new tub in the bathroom for the special needs member of our family.

Now, this bathroom previously had the jacuzzi tub in the upper left corner and the vanity with the sink over on the lower left of the picture. On the right was a very small shower stall. We had the tub and shower stall removed and the wall rebuilt on the right to seal off the wall as if there was no shower stall. On the other side of the wall is the closet in the laundry room.

Now, today’s tip relates to the tub. First notice the ceramic tile on the floor along the perimeter of the tub. You have to be careful of the flooring underneath. The tile in the lower left corner kept cracking because, in our opinion, the flooring underneath was not properly prepared to support this.

The tub itself, 5 feet 6 inches long, is not a specialty tub, but not one which you can get at the local big box store. It’s design is specific for our needs in that, see what looks like a blue and white lounge chair inside the tub? It has its own ‘hydraulic lift’ mechanism so that our daughter can sit on it and the chair will lower itself into the tub (and then, of course back up again once she is finished her bath).

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However, the chair does not go all the way to the floor of the tub; is rests approximately 3 inches from the bottom. So the water in the tub needs to be higher than without the chair so there is sufficient water in the tub for a proper bath. As well, the sides of the tub are much more vertical than most other tubs. This was to allow the chair to be placed further back into the tub so that there would be more room in front of the chair to get into the tub and for the feet to not be squished up against the front of the tub when sitting.

So, the uniqueness of the design of the tub allows more water than a typical batch tub and is less ‘curvy’ than most tubs in order to accommodate the chair. We’ll talk about the faucet and shower head in a later post.

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