Home Renovation Tip – En Suite Bathroom Tub

Today with our daily home renovation tips, we continue our look at the new en suite bathroom. It is a non-jacuzzi tub which, if you look very, very closely in the middle of the far wall of the tub contains handles inside the tub. These came with the tub and were one of the reasons we purchased this model. Hire basement construction hanover pa to enhance your basement construction design.

 Home Renovation Tip   En Suite Bathroom Tub

With the handles inside the actual tub, it will be easier to get up out of the tub and perform your drain cleaning quicker and easier for a thorough plumbing job. At least that is the theory. We haven’t actually taken a bath in it yet as the shower stall still remains unfinished as they have not installed the glass door yet, so we remain taking our showers / baths in the shared bathroom. For better bathroom renovation in Melbourne you can find what you need at www.topbathroomrenovationsmelbourne.com.au.

To the far, far lower right of the picture is the opening to the potty room containing the toilet. Speaking of toilet, Japanese toilet seat features are an outstanding example of creativity that has gone on ‘behind the scenes’ and the western world is beginning to sit down and take notice..We were spoiled with one of these in our former home, allowing one person to be, well, doing their morning constitutional while another one is showering, etc. We’ll add a picture and discuss in the future on this, but we think it is a great idea. We also called Powerhouse Carpet Cleaning to clean all the carpets we have.

What cannot be seen in the picture, because it was not yet built, is the heating vent along the vertical wall of the tub enclosure. Again, more about this is another post as it is quite unique we think, we also had to get a furnace repair because it was not working at all.

The taps are the same style as those on the vanity sinks.
From the window above the tub enclosure you can see the forest in the back of the house, and if you look closely, in the lower right area of the window you can see, yes, the deck. On the lower, you can see the cleaned carpets done by carpet cleaning Atlanta. When we get our windows replaced we will have a frosted window for privacy, even though it will eliminate the view of the forest but that is OK as when you are in the tub you actually get a full view of just the deck and if we want to see the forest we can go to our eating area and family room as well as our bedroom.

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