Home Renovation Tip – Bay Windows, Eve Troughs and Melting Ice

The weekend was going great. The renovations were settling down, we were able to finish painting the French Doors in the basement and put primer on one set of French doors in the living room.

However, returning from a mid-day errand run saw us finding water dripping from on top of the dining room bay window, a mad scramble to find anything resembling buckets to catch the falling watter and towels (paper and cotton), going downstairs to find numerous water drips from the drop ceiling and the same scramble.

We didn’t notice previously that the top of the dining room bay window protrudes out from the outside into the thin metal strip adjacent to the eves trough. And, even though we did have the gutters cleaned, upon further investigation yesterday by our friends over at gutter cleaning mn, it appears that the downspout is clogged causing water backup on the eves trough which turned into a solid block of ice from the snow / ice storm earlier in the week which has started melting.

We have to wait until the ice melts (or at least part of it) before we can see what is clogging the down spout, so there was some further water leaks yesterday (although not as much as the day before) and will likely be further leaks today. So far, it appears that the hardwood floor was ‘saved’ in the dining room. We will have to replace a dozen or so of the ceiling tiles in the basement with water damage from the water as well as repaint part of the wall around the bay window once the drywall is repaired.

Is just that water exposure could be so damaging for all the parts of the home, from the walls to the ceiling could get damage by this and need to be replace afterwards, and that’s why is important to fix any leak as soon as it is discover to avoid this problems, still if the damage already happen is necessary to hire a restoration service to fix all the damages the water causes, but there are affordable services that do this from sites as https://mdlrestorationinc.com/water-damage-restoration/ and that you can contact online in a very quick way.

Oh, and yes, we definitely will now need to look into replacing the eve’s troughs next spring as there are other signs of potential issues.

Back to the high stress levels for a while. Gotta meet with the banker for more financing.

So, do look out for bay Windows which protrudes beyond the thin strip adjacent to the gutter part of the eves troughs. Our issue is caused by down spout blockage, aided by the gutter not running sufficiently down towards the down spout as well as a possible caulking issue around the top of the bay window.

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